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1. On my first full day in Munich, I spent a few hours at ZOB, zentrale omnibus bahnhof, an imposing structure, vaguely looking like a bus itself. I walked there from my friend Tamiko’s house near the river Isar. On

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People helping people on the move

Spent a few hours with ZOB Angels, a volunteer group stationed at Zentrale Omnibus Bahnhof. Many of them are recent refugees who work as translators to facilitate communication with new arrivals. The volunteers tour the bus station, and when they

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Munich: the river runs through it

After finishing the artcards I will be mailing out from Munich (the first of eight), I left Tamiko’s flat which is very close to the river.  As she suggested, I went for a stroll by the river to breathe and

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Arriving in Munich

I arrived in Munich to a cold and snowy day and a warm welcome by Peter Marra, a fellow vipassana meditator, documentary maker, and a ZOB Angel volunteer. ZOB Angels are a group of volunteers who station themselves at ZOB,

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