Munich: the river runs through it

After finishing the artcards I will be mailing out from Munich (the first of eight), I left Tamiko’s flat which is very close to the river.  As she suggested, I went for a stroll by the river to breathe and expand before getting on with the rest of my exploration of the city.  The flowing waters of Isar really touched me. There is something about flowing water – on the move, never the same, always changing – that enriches my soul. Walking the streets, I found they were built not according to a fixed geometric grid, but they seemed to follow the natural terrain of the land. I felt more at home than I do on Toronto streets that have all but obliterated all traces of the natural landscape. I am sitting at a Thai restaurant in ZOB, Zentrale Omnibus Bahnhof, waiting for my shift at ZOB angels to start soon.

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