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A meeting place

Border closures have not stopped the flow of people into Belgrade. Over the past two days there were over 100 new arrivals, including several Afghani and Iranian families. But most of them are young men, in their late teens or

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Translators needed

I had less than 48 hrs in Novi Sad. A lot of that time was spent in Facebook, variously in 1 to 3 chat windows talking to people in Berlin, Sid, Zagreb and Belgrade off and on simultaneously. This was

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“Push back”

Leaving Subotica for Novi Sad. Yesterday in Sabotica was a tough day. On our info action we met a Kurdish Iraqi family outside the bus station. I wrote about them in the previous post. Soon a large Syrian group joined

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Info action

Outside the bus station in subatica today we met a Kurdish family from Iraq. They wanted to go to Hungary and from there to Germany but were stranded in Subatica out of money and without adequate info about what to

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