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Tabanovce, part 2: Beyond the tracks and the fences

Two days ago I went to the camp again, this time with people from Legis. We met in Skopje, where Driton Maliqi had an interview on national tv about the situation of refugees. With his colleague Avni Salii, we ate

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Tabanovce, part 2: Tracks and nothing else

People were on the move, like thousands of others before them, walking along the tracks or riding on trains coming from the south. When they arrived at Tabanovce, they were stopped. That’s where the camp is. Right beside the train

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Tabanovce tracks

Less than 20 minutes after passing through Presevo: Just left the border town of Tabanovce in Macedonia. Camp beside the station. 1000 refugees trapped here. Talked to kids and women who came to the tracks. Gave them my contacts. They

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