On the Move Series - March-April, 2016 ===== As I move through the region, I document my journey through limited-edition, site-specific, hand-made artcards that I mail out from the places I stop at. Fifty percent (50%) of the proceeds from the sale of these artcards goes toward refugee aid organizations or events and actions in support of freedom of movement. Artcards are signed and dated on the back. They will be personalized and mailed out to you, or to someone else on your behalf, upon purchase. You could choose to receive a full set of postcards (one from each location, total of 8 locations) by pre-purchasing. Deadline for pre-purchase: March 16, 2016. __Suggested Donation Single Artcard (17 x 10 cm): 35 CAD/USD/EU Single Artcard (15 x 10 cm): 25 CAD/USD/EU Full series (8 artcards, 17 x 12 cm, edition of 10): 250 CAD/USD/EU Please email me to find out how you can buy and receive Artcards: onthemovemarch2016 at gmail dot com Series 1: Berlin  -- Only a few left March 2-6, 2016